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I am an Assistant Professor in the Information School at the University of Washington in Seattle. My research focuses on social aspects of visual practices in the information domain, visual materiality and ethics and values in the design of visual representations of information.

My current research uses frameworks from visual studies to look at the activity of image making as an information-driven, communicative practice. Anyone who has clarified a thought or prompted a response during a conversation by drawing a picture or sketching out an relationship has exploited the potential of image making as a tool for conveying information. Rich descriptions of visually enabled conversation and social interactions can greatly inform and influence the design of tools for supporting collaboration and coordination. The goal of my research is to expand the ways that the creation and use of visual information are understood and supported by these systems.

Recent publications

  • Snyder, J., Shilton, K., Anderson, S. Observing the Materiality of Values in Information Systems Research (2016). Proc of HICSS 2016, 2017-2026. Best Paper Nomination. [PDF]
  • Snyder, J., Matthew, M., Chien, J., Chang, P.F., Abdullah, S., Sun, E. and Gay, G. (2015). MoodLight: Exploring Personal and Social Implications of Ambient Display of Biosensor Data. Proc ACM CSCW, 143-153. [PDF]
  • Snyder, J. (2014). Visual Representation of Information as Communicative Practice. Journal of the American Society for Information Science and Technology (JASIST), 65(11), p. 2233-2247. [PDF]
  • Snyder, J., Baumer, E.P.S., Halpern, M., Adams, P., Voida, S., and Gay, G. (2014). Making Things Visible: Opportunities and Tensions in Visual Approaches for Design Research and Practice. Human Computer Interaction, Special Issue on Design Thinking, ed. Jack Carroll and Scott Klemmer, 29(5-6), p. 451-486. [PDF]