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I have created a number of drawing installations using light and pattern. Each was created in a different type of spaces ranging from abandoned buildings to art studios, but my process is more or less the same:
  • Locate a place that is empty of things and activities.
  • Identify the two-dimensional surfaces that most define the topology of the room.
  • Using non-invasive means, change these surfaces in order to see the space in a different way.
Changes to the surfaces of the space usually begin with the creation of a lattice-like drawing that creeps and crawls along walls and ceiling. The drawings are comprised of thousands of separate hand-made units arranged in a net-like configuration and designed to enhance incidental vibrations and distortions.
In addition to the lattice drawings, I use simple lighting effects to re-define boundaries and pathways. I have used ultraviolet light in combination with standard incandescent light and daylight to take advantage of the eye's natural reactions to changes in level and quality of available light. This combination of transitioning light and undulating visual stimulus transforms the experience of being in the space.
Accumulation and repetition are consistent elements in the pieces that I've made. To me, the recent connection I have made to cloud formations is natural. A cloud is a collection of ice crystals or water droplets that can look very different depending on environmental conditions. Even slight changes in the quality or angle of light can change what we see in the sky. My intention is to begin to use light and particle configurations derived from these formations to expand the vocabulary of my work.