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2002, Installation in work shed
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Created during the Braziers International Artists Workshop (UK) in August 2002, this installation combines aspects of both visible and UV drawings. The piece was made for the ceiling of a small out building on the Braziers grounds, a seventeenth century estate in rural England which is home to an artists residency during the month of August.
The drawing began by hand cutting approximately 4,000 paper circles ranging in size from a 1 to 3 cm in diameter. These circles where then striated with drawn lines and then adhered to the ceiling of the work shed in a loose net-like structure.
Intended for viewing as a "living" drawing, the piece is affected by the natural change of light throughout the day. The pattern created by the net structure is altered by the fading of daylight which makes visible the effects of an additional ultraviolet light source, effects that would otherwise remain invisible.