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2003, Installation
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This piece was created for the Montana Artists Refuge permanent collection. I installed an ultraviolet drawing installation in the entry way closet of the Hewitt upstairs apartment. This particular closet opens onto the entrance landing to the second floor apartment and is adjacent to the kitchen. The Hewitt building has been renovated in various stages during the last hundred years and the interior of the closet shows evidence of multiple stages of the building's history. The location of the space provides a dog leg transition between the front door and the kitchen. Combined with an eery-looking crawl space cut from the ceiling of the interior, the closet creates a strange alternative to entering the apartment through the front door.

The drawing installation uses the same pattern used for the Grand Street installation, creating an overhead glowing net that illuminates corners of the closet formerly left to the shadows. The syncopation of the pattern combines with the fragmentation of the closet walls. The subtle vibrations created by the hand-drawn striations on each pod-like section of the net reinforce a sense of quiet undulation, made even more percepticible by the close quarters and the reflection of light within the small space.

Location of the "Closet" installation:
View from second floor landing, front door (left) and closet door (right)

Installation view from second floor landing, under ultraviolet light